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There's a lot going on at Goldings! At least there was prior to the coronavirus pandemic!

Here are a few of our regular meetings, which we hope to restart as the Covid-19 safety restrictions are lifted. Normally we have lots of other things happening throughout the year. For example, we have run Deaf Awarness courses, we have youth meetings, movie nights, church family events, baptism classes, meals out together, New Year's Eve events, gardening days, baby showers...join us and become part of the Goldings family!

Sunday Service

Our Sunday Service starts at 11:00am and finishes around 12:30pm. We have teas and coffees after the service and, if its someone's birthday or someone is celebrating something, you might be offered cake too!

Our sermons are interpreted into BSL (British Sign Language) every week and deaf people are fully included in the life of the church.

Car parking facilities are available in the church car-park, although when this is full you can usually find alternative parking in the streets surrounding the church.

Creche Facilities

Our creche room is for the use of parents with babies and toddlers. If you find your child is becoming restless or upset during the church service you can make your way to our creche room where there are toys and books for the little ones and a TV relay service where parents can still see what's going on in the church and listen to the sermon. We also have a baby nappy changing facilities available.

Educational Toys
Kid's Ministry

Children from Year 1 to Year 7 (ages 4 - 12) can go out to Sunday School mid-way through the main service. If your child prefers to stay in the service with you they are welcome to do that too. 

Young teens usually stay in the service but have a short meeting afterwards to discuss any questions they might have and to pray together.

Women's Ministry

The women at Goldings meet on Friday Mornings with Kim for Bible Study and Prayer. We plan to also open up this meeting for women on a week-day evening too, which will allow women who are at work during the day to attend.

Men's Ministry

There's a lot of men's ministry that goes on in small groups, and one to one discipleship. We also have the occasional men's breakfast too and usually include a guest speaker to give their testimony. 

New Believers

Goldings has two meetings for new believers and those who still have questions. The meetings are run by John Tebboth and are well attended. They are a great opportunity to find out about the bible and how it all fits together and to bring your questions to those who can help you.

Mobile Phone
Youth Ministry and Apologetics

Prior to the Covid Pandemic, Goldings had been equipping our teenagers with answers to some of the big questions thrown out by atheists and those who object to the Christian faith. We have been learning about the authenticity of the bible, the way science and christianity can actually compliment each other and strengthen the case for God, how to examine evidence and how to think logically. We've looked at philosophy and some of the great thinkers of the past, we've considered what DNA tells us about how we are made, we've discussed the free will of man....the list goes on!

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