At Goldings we have a fantastic group of teenagers and we meet monthly to learn how to think through the Christian faith and consider some of the most searching questions. We believe in stretching our youth group so that they will become 'thinkers'.

In recent months we have discussed what are human rights, and why do we have them? What gives a human being ultimate value? We have also thought about the Meaning of life, looking at some atheist philosphers such as Albert Camu and questioning his conclusions in light of the Bible. And if all this sounds a bit heavy for's not! We have a lot of fun together!

We also play some crazy games - such as PIT, a card trading game that involves a lot of shouting at the top of your lungs. We've also had hysterical results with the game 'Balderdash' making up fake definitions for words/names.

At each meeting we eat together at what has become known as McSandy's - with Pastor (believe it or not) flipping the burgers in the kitchen with great skill and precision. No one has died yet. We also have some talented bakers amongst our group and they sometimes treat us to cupcake tasting sessions. Sometimes we force ourselves to enjoy ice-cream creations (going crazy with toppings) and occasionally we have a 'Donut Day'...We do like to eat!!!


In October 2014 we took 8 of our young people to join 750 plus teenagers in London to hear Michael Ramsden, Amy Orr-Ewing, Vince Vitale and others speaking at the Reboot Youth Conference where subjects were tackled such as why is there suffering in the world, has science disproved God, and how do I know God exists?

We had an excellent time together and I think we all learnt a lot.

We're beginning to tackle some of the big questions in our own meetings when we get together to tackle big questions like 'How do we know the Bible is true?' This is followed by pizza!