Heavenly Hands

Watch Heavenly Hands sign, 'White Christmas'

Music from Martha Munizzi





Watch Heavenly Hands sign, 'I'm Amazed'

Music from the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir


Goldings Church sign language choir is our deaf people's choir - although we delight in having a few hearing members. Its great to meet together as One Body in Christ and worship God in our own unique way.

The choir started out because our deaf people had a desire to worship God in their own language and in an expressive way - hoping that this would also bless others.

One of the beauties of sign language is that you really have to understand what you are saying in order to translate it.  For this reason our choir practices are a blessing as we grapple with the songs we have chosen and begin to practice them.  We are blessed to have two new members join our choir at the end of 2010: Titi who is deaf and Sophie, who has a deaf brother.

Although it is quite nerve wracking, signing the songs in front of everyone, we really do commit ourselves and each other to God and ask that He receive all the glory, honour and praise from our worship.  The comments we received from so many after the service have encouraged us to continue to meet together to prepare songs—if our worship in signs can draw people closer to the Lord then we have achieved everything we prayed for!