To celebrate Easter we released over 100 balloons after our Easter service. In the past our balloons have been found in France, but usually they go to Kent! 2010 was a very interesting year - one of our balloons was found by two young girls on holiday in France who then took it back to Germany with them and sent us pictures to prove it! Our balloon travelled over 600 miles! In 2011 there were just 10 balloons found. 2012 was an unusual year though, as we heard about one of our balloons being found in Kent just 3 weeks before Easter 2013! And 2013 was our most amazing year so far when 30 of our balloons were many will we find this year?



7th April 2015


Hi there,

This is to confirm I found Miriams Easter balloon in our garden on Tuesday 7th April …Tudor Close Cobham SURREY. Please congratulate Miriam
Her balloon travelled 62.2 Miles and would take over an hour in a car to get here !

Well Done !
Best wishes

Thank you for your kind wishes Jane. As you can see your balloon is the first to be found after our balloon release and everyone is always very excited to hear where they have landed! We hope you had a happy Easter.





Huge thanks to BALLOON POWER who delivered and supplied us with beautiful brightly coloured balloons for our balloon release!






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